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W-3 Sokol

The PZL W-3 Sokół (English: “Falcon”) is a medium-size, twin-engine, multipurpose helicopter developed and manufactured by Polish helicopter company PZL-Świdnik (now AgustaWestland Świdnik).
It was the first helicopter entirely designed and produced in Poland.
The helicopter employs a relatively conventional design and construction.
It is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów-built PZL-10B turboshaft engines; the original powerplant, the PZL-10W, was based on the earlier PZL-10S – a licensed derivative of the Russian-designed TVD-10B turboprop engines which had powered the Polish-built Antonov An-28.
Composites are used in the construction of the three-bladed tail and four-bladed main rotors.

The Sokół has been offered in a number of diverse variants and is capable of performing a typical range of helicopter missions, including passenger transport, VIP, cargo, EMS, medevac, firefighting and search and rescue.
When used in maritime environments, the rotorcraft is typically outfitted with floats, a transponder, a global positioning system navigation system, night-vision equipment, and a Lucas winch.

Version: PL

“Głuszec” (en: “Capercaillie”) is a PZL W-3WA upgrade program to bring armed variant of Sokół up to 21st century standards by including advanced avionic systems (in Glass cockpit configuration) and other changes like FADEC-equipped engines.
Avionics include two 10″ MFD displays, single tactical display (maps and Elbit Toplite FLIR), INS/GPS, TACAN, VOR/ILS, DME navigation, HUD, IFF, PNL-3 night vision goggles, HOCAS (Hands on Colective and Stick) control, infrared and radar warning receiver, MIL-STD-1553B data link.
Twin 23 mm cannon was replaced by single pilot’s controlled 12,7 mm WKM-Bz machine gun with 350 rounds.
Designed for Combat Search and Rescue duties.
The first prototype (s/n: 360901) was tested by the Land Forces aviation in 2009. Eight W-3WA are to be upgraded.

Source & more info: wikipedia.org


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